A New New Year

Good bye to Hoki Hubby. As the new year rapidly approaches, Wifey and I split open box after never ending box, setting up our old life in a new environment. We are still in Northland, not all that far from the place we called home for the last couple of years. The Mighty Hokianga Harbour, […]

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Greener on the Other Side?

What do you do when the differences are bigger than the little things? We are all different right? We are all individuals, each and everyone one of us a sum of our environment and experiences and how we face it all. Each of us have our thoughts and our secrets and our wants and desires […]

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A major, life affirming moment has occurred.  School holidays have arrived and contradictory to popular opinion, it is not the headache inducing time of year many people make it out to be. Admittedly, the winter break is that bit more awkward. If the weather doesn’t come to the party, you can be screwed. A bunch […]

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