Summer Musing

Hot enough for ya?! Who doesn’t love it? Summer. And a bloody good one at that. The 2018/19 summer is the first one I have worked in a couple of years and it feels like the holiday I was needing, without realising I was in need of one. It is too easy to think the […]

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The Cost of Education

Doesn’t sound right does it? Teaching our kids, the next generation. Training them, giving them the tools they need not to just exist, to cope, but to grow and develop. More. Yes, teach the children of the nation to be readers and writers, to support healthy minds and bodies and help them explore and inquire. […]

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I never wanted to, but the more my children progress, the more they offer me the opportunity to live through their achievements vicariously.  Prize giving. I am not actually sure the day was called that. But it is exactly what it equated to. In this ever more prevalent P.C world, every single kid in the […]

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