Daddy White Sox

You know that guy? I’ve almost become ‘That Guy’ You’ve all seen him. Maybe he is your boss, maybe he is a colleague. Perhaps he is your neighbour, your mate, your brother. You might be married to him, he might be your Dad. Whatever the relationship, That Guy is instantly recognisable. Especially at this time […]

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First Rule of Being Cool

What’s missing? The bits, the pieces from the year nearly gone which made you laugh, shake your head in wonder, or simply defied belief. Maybe, just maybe, the stuff you wouldn’t mind seeing again? Fat, dickhead, white trash, English tourists. The big hit of last summer. Would I want to see the likes of them […]

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Innocence and Immunity

Was I naive? Was I blissfully unaware? Was I ignorant?  The question of immunity is a gnarly one in New Zealand at the moment. Measles has well and truly reared it’s ugly head as a problematic virus on our shores and re-ignited an immunisation debate, one which never really goes away. My wife is a […]

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