Big Bad Man

I’m not the man I like to think I am. For a start I wake up and the first thing I do is check the weather. Fair enough you say, a lot of people do the same thing. Outdoor conditions can be particularly important to all sorts of people. Think gardeners and landscapers, greenkeepers, civil […]

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Greener on the Other Side?

What do you do when the differences are bigger than the little things? We are all different right? We are all individuals, each and everyone one of us a sum of our environment and experiences and how we face it all. Each of us have our thoughts and our secrets and our wants and desires […]

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Donations Gratefully Accepted

There is more suck in an octogenarian with pneumonia, than there is in our vacuum cleaner. A fourteen year old school boy pulls harder than our car. More cushioning on a fat girl’s thighs than on our sofa. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh on the sofa. It is lasting pretty well, considering the […]

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