The Settle Season

Febuary. The most difficult month to spell and for me, the most awkward month to get my head around. February sees kids trundling around with heavy school bags, which will diminish in weight as their schooling experience grows, as the memories of life’s little lessons kick back into gear along with their academic pathways. Those […]

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Taking the Piss

I sit down to pee. I don’t throw like a girl. I never had a great arm, but nor was it a bad one. Besides, I preferred to field in closer to the action.¬†Cricket is a great way to ruin an entire Saturday anyway. If I have a feminine side, and I don’t believe I […]

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Runnin’ Down A Dream

When those that made you are dead and gone. Sound off the names: Leonard Cohen, Glenn Fry, Prince, Lou Reed, David Bowie…David Bowie for goodness sake!..and now Tom Petty. There are other names I have missed and I have touched on this subject before. It is just, with the passing of Tom Petty of¬† Heartbreakers […]

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