I am not a great follower of the media. My family life, home life and work all take precedence over what is happening on a current affairs level. It stands to reason too, the way news is accessed these days has changed. I have read and heard much of what is occurring on a day […]

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Tears of Islam

Should that headline read tears for Islam? According to my wife it should. She sat in her favourite chair, our slumbering youngest nestled against her despite the persistent heat of a summer which refuses to give in, and wept. As far as is known, as I sit and write, forty nine people are confirmed dead. […]

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Bad Apples. Bad Man.

Grace Millane. Saddened? Hell yes. Sickened? You know it. Shocked? Unfortunately, no.  I haven’t been on a date in a long time. Possibly because, as a forty something, hirsute, chubby, balding man with an empty wallet, I am far from desirable. More likely my lack of recent dating experience is due to my long-term, happy […]

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