A New New Year

Good bye to Hoki Hubby. As the new year rapidly approaches, Wifey and I split open box after never ending box, setting up our old life in a new environment. We are still in Northland, not all that far from the place we called home for the last couple of years. The Mighty Hokianga Harbour, […]

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Dogs, Rods and Paddles.

We made memories the other day.  There could, if you are an extremely positive person, be a memory a day, every day. Wifey and I did that very thing at the weekend, one of those summer days which is going to stick. With a bit of luck,  and the effort on our behalf, a day […]

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The Walking Talking Dead

I would like to this opportunity to introduce you all to Jake. Jake is three. He is a little boy that lives in the forest. Jake does not attend school, Pre-School, Creche, Kindergarten or Play Center. Jake owns a car but does not drive. Jake drinks beer. Jake only eats Lolli-pops, Lollies and Chocolate Jake is […]

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