Boss Baby

Is it possible to rule the roost and rule the country? Our Prime Minister thinks so. Jacinda Adern is clearly a very ambitious women. She has become the darling of the political world, both nationally and around the world, in relatively rapid time. Her rise through the Labour Party ranks may not have been as […]

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The Benefits of Boobs

My wife is a strong supporter of ‘breast is best’. And I have to agree. Jugs. Melons. Jars. Hooters.   Tits, boobs, breasts. I think that about covers it. It doesn’t matter how you describe them, how you refer to them. Boobs are boobs, in all their varying shapes and sizes. Impossible to ignore, inappropriate […]

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Tonight is our chance, fellow men, to be just that, manly men. It has been a bit of a bugbear of mine for a while now. The emancipation of man. Not humankind, men. I guess first you have to ask yourself, as a man, do you feel oppressed, downtrodden, neglected, swept aside, ignored? Harsh language, […]

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