How much do you care? A broad question I know. And if I am perfectly honest, I don’t have any interest in your response, if indeed you bother to. Which, undoubtedly, you won’t, whoever ‘you’ are. The thing is, now that the internet or World Wide Web or whatever it is actually called, is well […]

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Maybe a long way from what one might consider and author or writer, but the journey has finally taken its first tentative steps. A few years ago Wifey came to me, having eavesdropped the off the cuff bedtime stories I told the children at bedtime, suggesting I write them down. Her idea was, as a […]

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You what?

Friday feedback, how you like the sound of that? This week has flown by, for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which, these past few days signal my full immersion, belatedly, into the digital world of communication. I blog, I tweet…that’ll about do it. Some of you out there have engaged and I […]

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