It’s just a number, one of a several which struck me over this last week. We have all, here in New Zealand and in the wider world, felt the impact one way or another, of the attack in Christchurch on a small segment of our society. Until that fateful Friday there were an estimated 50,000 […]

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No Winners

Is that true, what they say..there can be no winners? On Saturday afternoon, the decision was made to cancel the scheduled round five Super Rugby match between the Crusaders and the Highlanders, set to be hosted at Forsythe Barr Stadium in Dunedin. Media outlets cited the police as saying there were no official fears held […]

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Tears of Islam

Should that headline read tears for Islam? According to my wife it should. She sat in her favourite chair, our slumbering youngest nestled against her despite the persistent heat of a summer which refuses to give in, and wept. As far as is known, as I sit and write, forty nine people are confirmed dead. […]

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