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How much do you care? A broad question I know. And if I am perfectly honest, I don’t have any interest in your response, if indeed you bother to. Which, undoubtedly, you won’t, whoever ‘you’ are. The thing is, now that the internet or World Wide Web or whatever it is actually called, is well […]

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Dreams and Dust

Many years ago, as a young man, I wanted something. OK, just like any young fella, I wanted many things, but I had a direction, a goal. A chosen occupation, a pathway. That chosen path sort of flew in the face of much of who I was at the time. I was in a band, […]

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At the start of the week my wife barely got settled in bed before she was up and out of the house.  She didn’t return until virtually dawn. It was the same thing last night. Well not quite. It was just after midnight when the phone went and she disappeared out of the house in […]

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