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No Winners

Is that true, what they say..there can be no winners? On Saturday afternoon, the decision was made to cancel the scheduled round five Super Rugby match between the Crusaders and the Highlanders, set to be hosted at Forsythe Barr Stadium in Dunedin. Media outlets cited the police as saying there were no official fears held […]

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Bounce of the Ball

All Blacks give way to Black Caps as the kids turn blue and brown. Yesterday was the first attack of the beach for the season. The sun was shining, the day was warm if a little windy, the kids paddled and swam, dug and scampered, all as their dad failed yet again to prove himself […]

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Embrace your inner hooligan. Just keep him inside and quiet.  I love a bit of sport. Some of it I am deeply engaged in. Certain teams and the men and women who represent them, seem to be able to grab whatever it is which makes me passionate. Otago’s 2013 Ranfurly Shield win was enough for […]

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