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Bah Humbug

Great, here we go again! Enforced festivity anyone? December 1st. That’s right, for all you international readers, it has already begun for us here in the shaky isles. Christmas cheer, seasons greetings and all that. Time to roll out the decorations, debate the virtues of real or fake trees, start compiling lists of the naughty […]

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Sorry, How Much?!

Can somebody please explain the ‘letting fee’ to me?  My wife and I are renters. A few years ago we sold our home and moved on from Dunedin. A career step for the wife took us up the coast of the South Island to Kaikoura. A stepping stone move for Wifey and a change of […]

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Limping Along

Look out, I feel a rant coming on… Lately, I embarked on a mission. The plan was to get myself into the best physical shape I could. Not mission impossible, but not far from it. At least, that is how it has felt, for a man rapidly approaching forty-five and essentially starting from scratch. This […]

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