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The Theory

It all starts and ends with Dogs.  By my reckoning it was some time in the 25th or 24th Century BC when the plan first hatched. Formualtive as it was back in those days, the pathway was clear. You see, Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, had well and truly established himself by this stage. His […]

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Summer sun. Family. Friends. Booze.  The silly season may have slipped by but it ain’t all over just yet. Certainly. most of us have returned to whatever it was we did, what many let define them, before the summer break. Work, school, university. Unless you are in that late teen, early twenties ‘I have yet […]

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Imagine, if you can, what its like when you get so excited your heart rate lifts to match those levels. Now, imagine if that heart rate won’t reset. Picture a homely scene. A mother, cup of tea in hand, maybe a pack of biscuits within reach, settling on a sofa. In her arms, a baby. […]

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